Sheet Metal Machinery

STAMAC as a leading and innovative company, possess an extensive 30 years of industry knowledge and experience of sheet metal manufacturing and equipment. This long standing and extensive experience in this industry has made it permissible for us to develop strong relationships to European machine tool companies of highly reputable and manufacturing standards.

This facilitates a professional service and application of engineering required to meet the ever changing manufacturing and demands of innovative new industry coatings and materials needed for today’s productions.

Our services cover a diverse and broad area of the sheet metal machinery industry offering sales, service applications, machinery relocations, breakdowns and scheduled maintenance services Australia wide.

STAMAC can facilitate advice for procurement of all equipment, assist with design and implementation of machinery plus the after care service to ensure the machinery reliability and maximum performance for your business needs. Our company aims to providing valuable insight into machinery for special tooling to meet specific industry needs of fabrication, steel profile bending, roof and wall cladding profiles or provide machinery for cutting edge technology of laser cutting and water cutting.