More punches in one workstation

The MultiTools by EHRT allow for several punches to be assembled on one tool station.

The fact that 6 punches can be directly placed in one station and little or no retooling is required eliminates most of the setup time. The MultiTools are very resilient and are produced according to renowned EHRT quality standards. The MultiTools have a very long service life and require minimal maintenance, which saves additional costs.

The MultiTools are easy to assemble. With an assembly station station custom-developed for the MultiTools, the punches can be retooled quickly.

The MultiTools’ punches are very long, which enables them to be optimally guided by the tool. The punches are available with different head shapes. Different punch qualities and coatings can also be produced for the MultiTools:

Punch qualities:

  • HSS
  • HSP
  • REX
  • VHX

Punch coating:

  • TIN
  • TICN

Special punch coatings can also be produced on request.

More information in the product datasheet