Easy and userfriendly

The SLINET Pro Touch combines efficiency and user-friendliness in an unprecedented relationship. The control which comes in standard stands for its userfriendliness and a clear structure.

Combines efficiency and user-friendliness in an unprecedented relationship


The job management allows to add a various number of folders and jobs. An optional list
view helps the operator for a better overview. By using the import function different formats
can be imported. In addition the export function allows the connection to different machines. Jobs can easily moved and copied by fingers.


In the drawing mode new jobs can be created. Add up to 9 different strips. In that mode the optional brick cutting can be programmed. Choose the material over the matieral database or by direct klick on the coil. In simulation the operator gets a graphic overview about the job. In connection with a full automated coil storage system the process will be done full automated.