Technical innovations change the world of work. We are right at the beginning of the fourth Industrial Revolution, Industry 4.0. It will change our life and our world of work fundamentally, which will apply to bending sheet metal as well. The advantage of Industry 4.0 is that an enormous potential for optimisation is created by new networking solutions. Processes can thus be sustainably optimized, and procedures can be shorted dramatically. With VARIOBEND V-MOBILE we offer a service tool of a special kind. Display the entire planning and manufacturing process from drafting to the production of the profiles. And the App has much more to offer!



Preparation of profiles on the road using smartphones, tablets or laptop computers.

Touch-based drawing

Entry also at the PC by own web access

All files and profiles are synchronised with the respective terminal device

Profile management

Calculation of cuts

Bending simulation of the profiles

Material database and selection of material thicknesses

Upload to your VARIOBEND

Preparation of PDF files

Preparation of sublicenses for customers or staff

Statistics and service module*

Joining values

By means of VARIOBEND V-MOBILE it is possible for you to sustainably optimise your in-company procedures, and to dramatically shorten your processes. Preparation of further sublicenses for your staff. They can prepare drawings directly at the building site using tablet or smartphone, but they could also use desktop or laptop computers. Due to the integrated bending simulation, it can be checked directly on site whether the profile can be produced or whether potential modifications have to be made. In web space, i.e. in the cloud set up specifically for you, all profiles drawn are always synchronous, no matter whether they are made by smartphone or tablet. Send individual profiles or entire folders directly to the machine or to work preparation in the VARIOBEND Office version.

The direct way to the customer

V Mobile offers its customers and partners an innovative service tool, with which you can prepare offers and can send orders 24 h a day, 365 days a year. With the main license you can grant access to this unique service tool not only to employees, but also to customers and partners. Your customers and partners can then create profiles, can simulate profiles, and can determined the type of material and thickness as well as number of units. Of course, these profiles can be transferred to you directly. A unique service, none of your customers wants to miss any longer!

V-MOBILE – Service of the future*

Our customer of the V-MOBILE app can choose between two modules of the special kind:

Statistics module

The statistics module provides information on your machine. In real time you can receive statistics, such as the number of bends and cuts carried out, oil temperature or operating hours.

Service module

Communicate safely in a quick and simple way by app with our technical after-sales service, and thus secure highest machine availability.
For an even faster solution of technical problems, V-MOBILE offers the possibility of exchanging image, sound and video files with the technical after-sales service of ASCO. Complex situations can thus be clarified directly on the telephone without on-site assignment. The correct solution will come up even faster and more efficient.

* available for main licence only